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He is coming

Mark Smith

16 . 5 . 2020

Browsing in the New Believers Hymn Book I found this hymn that greatly moved me. In these days when we are denied the privilege of meeting together to occupy our minds with thoughts of Heaven. It was the late Robert McPheat that said he spoke every day with his wife of heaven. It is a choice spiritual exercise, especially as all of us have loved ones presently in the presence of the Lord.

Hymn 163 New Believers Hymn Book
Tune Blaenwern - Love divine

He is coming, coming for us;
Soon we’ll see His light afar
On the dark horizon rising
As the bright and Morning Star.
Cheering many a waiting watcher
As the Star whose kindly ray
Heralds the approaching morning,
Just before the break of day.

Oh, what joy as night hangs round us,
’Tis to think of morning’s ray!
Sweet to know He’s coming for us,
Just before the break of day.

He is coming, coming for us;
Soon we’ll hear His voice on high,
Dead and living, rising, changing,
In the twinkling of an eye,
Shall be caught up all together,
For the meeting in the air;
With a shout, the Lord descending,
Shall Himself await us there.

Oh what joy that great foregathering,
Trysted meeting in the air!
Sweet to know He’s coming for us,
Calling us to join Him there.

He is coming - Oh, how solemn,
When the Judges voice is heard,
And in His own light He shows us,
Every thought and act and word!
Deeds of merit as we thought them
He will show us but were sin.
Little acts we had forgotten,
He will tell us were for Him.

Oh what joy when He imputeth
Righteousness instead of sin,
Sweet to take the linen garments,
All a gift and all from Him.

He is coming as the Bridegroom
Coming to unfold at last
The great secret of His purpose.
Mystery of ages past.
And the bride, to her is granted,
In His beauty then to shine,
As in rapture she exclaimeth,
‘I am His, and He is mine!’

Oh what joy that marriage union
Mystery of love divine!
Sweet to sing in all its fulness-
“I am His, and He is mine!”
A. M. Monteith

Wherefore comfort one another with these words
1 These 4:18

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