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Prayer for Recovery

Sandy Higgins

4 . 5 . 2020

It is inherent in human nature to always search for a “meaning” to everything. To feel a victim of random, meaningless events, to be a cork bobbing in the sea of life’s uncontrollable events, is to be reduced to a sense of futility and near despair.

While I would not profess to find meaning in the events which are occurring over COVID-19, there are lessons which are valuable and from which we can learn.

What we are viewing is only a dress rehearsal for the devastation this globe will know when we are taken home to heaven. I am not suggesting or even hinting that COVID-19 is a plague sent from God. All disease is a result of sin which is in the world and what we are seeing is just another of the many effects of sin. But when God does intervene, as He did in ancient Egypt with His plagues, it will be even worse. It should make us all thankful for our salvation.

It should also humble us and remind us that we are finite creatures. The greatest of minds, the resources of nations throughout the world, the efforts of military and health care professionals are almost impotent before a small virus. It reminds us of our limitations while we live in a society that thinks that humanity’s abilities are limitless. The entire world and its economy and entertainment industry have been brought to its knees, not by a nuclear attack or global war, but by an enemy too small to be seen by the naked eye.

All this should make us worship the God Who has saved us; it should make us pray for the needs of the unsaved who may face even worse in the coming day. We should also be praying for the nation: that it might recognise our frailty and it might lead to a spiritual awakening. God does not take delight in the suffering of any, so it should cause us to pray for the recovery of those who have been afflicted.

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