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The Secret Place

Colin Hutchison

4 . 5 . 2020

Few books in our Bible reveal the inner thoughts of a man’s mind and the searching of heart and conscience than the book of Job. How many times have we pondered these simple yet telling words of scripture “And there was a day” Job 1v13 when Jobs life changed forever.

Crisis can bring out both the best and the worst in people and in Jobs case he found himself surrounded with men of lesser experience with God trying to add meaning to his circumstances.

One question asked by Eliphaz is asked in the form of a rebuke, but the question opens a range of truth in scripture on the secret of God.

There is a secret place-Psalm 91 where we can dwell. When we dwell in the secret place we find ourselves preserved from the many dangers around us: The snare v 3, the pestilence v 3, the terror by night v5, evil v 10 and many more dangers which are listed in the chapter.

The secret-Daniel 2- which was revealed to Daniel after he and his three friends desired mercies of the God of heaven. Matters which are hidden from the minds of the wisest of men are revealed to Gods servant through the power of prayer.

“Thy father which seeth in secret" Mathew 6 v 7- Very few of us, if any, see or hear us praying in the quietness of our homes yet the value of these moments spent in the secret of God’s presence will be seen through time openly or visibly manifest.

“He made darkness his secret place” Psalm 18 v11. Darkness is no restriction to God and sometimes he will use it to obscure the sight of men from the outworking of his own plan. We can however be encouraged that “The secret of The Lord is with them that fear him” Psalm 27 v 14. We see things differently knowing that God will administer each day according to the plan held in the secret of his eternal counsel.

Think of men in scripture who had the authority to change someone’s name and it opens up a very interesting meditation. Among these there is one which is most significant “And Pharaoh called Joseph’s name; Zaphnathpaaneah, the revealer of secrets.

The man rejected by his brethren, reproached and brought low, has been exalted, and some of the greatest secrets of God have been revealed in person through him.

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