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The Voice of God

Colin Hutchison

4 . 5 . 2020

The man who had prayed alone in Gilead and stood alone at Carmel, now sits alone in a cave in the wilderness.

He had prayed alone before his service as a prophet had begun, he had stood alone at the height of his service against four hundred prophets of Baal but when he sat alone he was thinking that his service as a prophet had come to an end, he saw no future.

Why at this point did God not just speak to him in a still small voice ? Was it because he needed to be reminded that the God he served could still move in mighty ways albeit Gods chosen way at this time was in the stillness of the moment.

There was an earthquake, these shake life’s foundations, God can do that.
There was a wind, these can uproot the strongest and most deep rooted of trees, often those with the deepest roots are either uprooted or toppled over by life’s strong winds.
The fire at times spoke of Gods righteousness as it consumed the sacrifice and at other times this righteousness moved in judgement as it consumed the erring priests. God, at this moment in Elijah’s experience was not moving in such ways.

The man whose prayer had both shut heaven so that it wouldn’t rain and whose prayer opened heaven so that fire would come down, now needed not the great earthquake, wind or fire but a voice and a still small voice at that.

The purpose of the voice was simply to instruct this mighty prophet as to Gods plan for the future and there certainly was a future albeit a very different future.

In this present crisis men and women seem to be more concerned about getting back to normal than by getting back to God. The concern seems to be getting back to what we were rather than hearing the voice of God to the world and changing how they are.

There are however in the household of faith, many of The Lords people who are using this time to learn more of God’s word and are becoming more aware of the voice “This is the way, walk he in it” Isaiah 30 v 21, these are those who will come out of this crisis both enriched spiritually and instructed in Gods way for their lives.

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