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Time in the Word

Mark Smith

4 . 5 . 2020

Ruth 2:19: Where hast thou gleaned today?

I looked up the word “glean” and found this definition: “to gather slowly and laboriously". Time spent daily with the Word is essential to our spiritual sustenance and enjoyment. In these strange days where we are denied fellowship in the way we have enjoyed for years, it is vitally important that we feed daily on the Word of God. A deep, meditative reading will yield nuggets that will delight our soul. A cursory skim through a few verses will not give this joy.

Where hast thou gleaned today?

Revelation 3:20: Behold I stand at the door and knock ….

Written to a church that had exceeded the departure of Ephesus who had left their first love, they were in a sorry state. However I am applying this verse to current circumstances. We all are living behind closed doors, closed even to families and close friends. The Lord’s appeal here is to the individual. There’s not a door on earth that is closed to the Holy Spirit. We can’t entertain the saints in our homes, we can’t even leave our homes to gather together to His Name. But what rich feasting and fellowship if we open our homes and hearts to Him.

Where hast thou gleaned today?

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