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Two Different Spheres

Colin Hutchison

30 . 5 . 2020

Two fathers will speak about two sons in two very different spheres. One father will speak about his son on the mountain and the other father will speak about his son in the plain.

One father speaks out of absolute delight but the other speaks out of utter despair.

As the first father speaks of his son, Peter is characterised by a lack of spiritual intelligence, as the second father speaks of his son the disciples are characterised by a lack of faith.

The last book of the Old Testament has ended with reference to Christ, Moses and Elijah- Malachi 4, the first book of the New Testament will group them together again in this chapter.

Why however link the two fathers and the two sons? The order of divine revelation is significant as it is inspired by God and men who wrote were guided by his Spirit.

Could it be that before we will see any effective work accomplished as in the healing of the boy, there must first be an occupation with Christ and a glorified Christ at that, as seen in the transfiguration.

Additionally the question they ask is “Why could not we”?
The two on the mount had seen the power of God working through them in the face of satanic attack, Moses and Pharaoh, Elijah and Ahab/Jezebel but again “why could not we” in the plain?
The Saviour answers, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed ye shall say and… it shall.

It seems so simple but there is a deeper truth still to come, this kind, it was a special case, one most difficult, required prayer as this engages us with God and fasting as this engages us with self.
A lack of God or a surplus of self will restrict effective service for God.

Does it not add extra significance to the words of The Father... my beloved son... hear ye him. The matter is not that a work can’t be done but rather there are conditions required for its effectiveness, this is one of the things Gods wants us to hear from him.

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