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Victory in Defeat

Colin Hutchison

4 . 5 . 2020

There must be great delight in the ranks of evil forces that both Assembly gatherings and other gatherings of true Christians will not take place today, it might be seen to them to be a great victory.

We might do well to remind ourselves of similar times in the history of the Church when there seemed to be Satanic victory:

Acts 5- Satan filled the heart of Ananias to promote self and engage in deception thus disrupting the progress of The Church
Acts 5 v 14 - And believers were the more added to The Lord both of men and women

Acts 12- The Apostle to the Circumcision, Satan through Herod killed James and imprisoned Peter
Acts 12 v 12 - It drove the Church to prayer, many were gathered together praying
When he was released it served to strengthen their faith, go show these things unto James and to the brethren

Acts 14 v 19 - This time the Apostle to the Uncircumcision, they stoned Paul and drew him out of the city supposing him to be dead.
2 Cor 12 v 3 -He was caught up into Paradise and heard words which were unspeakable( beyond human diction) for man to utter.

Rev 1-Satan, seeing the potential in John had him exiled to Patmos
God through Christ gave him an unfolding of things which must shortly come to pass and as a result we have the book of Revelation in which God shared the secret of his eternal plan

And lastly, there is no hymn I can think of which summarises the events of Calvary more than the hymn of S Whitlock Gandy:

By weakness and defeat
He won the meed and crown
Trod all our foes beneath his feet
By being trodden down

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