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No man made cure

The world is united in its effort to overcome the current pandemic. Regardless of the differing responses from world leaders, there is an overwhelming consensus to return to some sort of normality. However, the hurt and loss that has been created by Covid will ripple throughout life for many.

Measures have been put in place by the Scottish Government announcing a 4-phase route map to gradually lift restrictions. All being well ‘normality’ will resume when the virus is no longer considered a significant threat to public health. Having said that, continued progress through the phases of the route map will depend on compliance by the public. However, physical distancing, frequent handwashing, cough etiquette and face masks will become the ‘new-norm’ and mandatory for us all.

Experts and key workers in Scotland have made extraordinary effort during unprecedented times to defeat this virus. But the truth remains that many will continue to live in the shadow of the silent killer’s possible re-emergence and remain at home, lonely, and anxious by our so-called victory over Covid.

The Bible warns us that there is a silent killer on the loose today, and it is called ‘sin’. This affects us all – “the person who sins will die” (Ezekiel 18:20). Throughout history, sin has robbed lives regardless of age, class, dialect or colour, confirming the truth of the Bible “that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). The remedy to this problem seems simple: if we live an upright life and stop committing sin, we won’t die. However, in reality it is like telling an alcoholic to stop drinking, or a cheater to stop cheating, the reason we sin is because we want to, it feels good and it stimulates us. This confirms the accuracy of the Bible, which says that “man drinks iniquity like water” (Job 15:16).

Many are blind to the fact that sin has shattered our relationship with our Creator resulting in complete separation: “your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God” (Isaiah 59:2). This is important because if we die in our sin, the place for separated sinners is hell forever.

Why is there no man-made cure? Men and women have tried to quash sin since time began by hiding and running away, “I was afraid…and I hid myself” (Genesis 3:10). Others try intellectual argument to eradicate it; “the fool has said in his heart, there is no God” (Psalm 14:1), yet sin remains and is evident today. Domestic abuse, alcoholism and adultery have all been on the rise during lockdown, these are only the fruits of a deeper problem = we are sinners by nature, we are all “under sin” (Galatians 3:22).

Regardless of man’s efforts, no amount of work, research, or compliance to laws will provide the cure to sin. There is no man-made answer. Nevertheless, the Bible tells us of God’s cure; the Son of God, Jesus Christ became a man to deliver us from our sin. He never sinned and was crucified and died to pay the price for our sins; “God laid on him the iniquity of us all” (Isaiah 53:6).

The cure is Jesus Christ. He paid for sin by his death and rose again to provide a way for sinners to be saved from hell. Forgiveness is not automatic; we must accept we are sinners and repent and believe in Him. Many people have tried their own way and failed to reach God and enter heaven, Jesus Christ says, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me.” (John 14:6) He has conquered sin and death and if we believe in him, we will be saved. I.Rees


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